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Kavanagh Tolerators Anonymous

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Ben Cotton
This began as a community for people who like Atlantis’s least favourite son, Kavanagh. However, we have transformed it into a community for anybody who loves Ben Cotton, the actor who portrays Kavanagh.

1. Be nice and respect others. Feel free to have debates, but don’t get into fights and avoid character bashing.

2. Anything you post is your own responsbility. If you post an NC-17 fic and rate it PG, I’m sending all complaints your way.

3. Tag your posts. Post to the comm. *Then* go in and tag it. If you need a tag that isn't in the list, put "MOD: Needs tag." in bold at the bottom of the post.

4. Place large or multiple graphics behind a cut. If you're posting more than 3 icons or more than 1 of anything else, please put it behind a LJ Cut. If you don't know how to do a cut, use the following code minus the *.
<*lj-cut>[Put graphics, fic, etc. here]<*lj-cut>

Guidelines can be found here. You don’t have to follow them, but it makes things easier on me.

Beyond that, everything goes. Fics, icons, pics, off-topic stuff (just don't go crazy), etc.

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