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Mod. Business and Awesomeness

Certain individuals (ria_kukalaka and eviljr) have mentioned the idea of doing a Christmas fic exchange on the comm. And I thought, "Yes! Everyone will write me Kav fic for my birthday! What a lovely idea."

It's not much time, but hey, who cares? You have until next Wednesday to post here. I'll take everybody's name and match people up (even if it's four of us). Then, you need to email me your fic by December 20th. I'll post everything here on December 25th. You'll get a few days to squee with joy and try to figure out who wrote what. Then, on December 31st, I'll post who wrote what for whom. If anybody has questions, fell free to ask.

Comment here with name, email address (if you don't want to post it, just leave it in a comment on my journal and I'll screen it), three things you want, three things you don't want, and what you won't write. If that sounds confusing, just look at my comment and it'll all make sense. If you sign up, please don't back out as I'll have to write an extra fic and that'll make me cranky. If you think you want to do it and aren't sure if you'll have time, just say that and I'll give you a prompt or something. That way nobody gets cheated out a fic and anybody who wants to write can. Ask questions if it doesn't make sense.

-Your Friendly Neighbourhood Moderator
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