Shomer Shabbos! (hoktauri) wrote in kavtolanon,
Shomer Shabbos!

Fic Recs + Meta

Hi, guys! Long time no see. I wanted to drop by with a couple of recs and a note about a meta post. *\o/*

jade_1459. The first is Will You Pay?, a Sheppard-POV fic that leads into the second, a Kav-centric sequel called Tomorrow's a Gift.

Also, over at my own journal I have written a meta post as part of my "Sunday Character Love" series, each post of which focuses on a different Stargate character. Today's character was none other than Peter Kavanagh! So come hang out and share the Kav love. :-)
Tags: fandom: sga, fanfic: gen, meta
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Oooh, cool. I'm sorry I missed Sunday but I'll def check out the fics. Thanks for the links!