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Fic: All Hallow's Eve, By Scarlet_Gryphon

Title: All Hallow's Eve

Author: scarlet_gryphon

Rating: G/K/Gen

Words: 416

Warnings: None

Prompt: 064-Fall

Timeline: Set between The Return (Part One) and The Return (Part Two)

Notes: I didn't realize it'd been so long since I've written in this 'Verse. Still, I wanted to get something out for Halloween and before NaNoWriMo eats my brain again this year. Hope you enjoy!

Ah, Hallowe'en. The night for dressing up, pretending to be someone you're not, and eating copious amounts of sugar-laden candy. Preston and Elaine Tobin always enjoyed handing out sweets to the children of their neighborhood, as well as seeing what creative costumes would be worn each year.

The sound of laughter outside the door gave Preston and Elaine enough prior warning to gather up the candy bowl and make it to the front door before the doorbell rang. Elaine opened the door, a smile forming on her face as she saw the small crowd of kids gathered on the front porch. A tall man was escorting them, a mildly overwhelmed look on his face. Standing at the bottom of the short flight of steps was a woman; presumably she was also one of the chaperones for the night. Both adults were in costume as well, though they weren't as lavish as the kids'. The man wore khaki pants and a blue t-shirt while the woman wore a long white dress.

'Trick or treat!' the kids chorused, holding up their bags.

'What lovely costumes you all have,' Elaine told them as she handed out the bite-sized pieces of candy she and Preston had bought earlier that day. 'Are you having fun?'

'Yep!' said one boy who was dressed as Superman. 'Uncle Nate an' Aunt Brooks are helping us get candy this year.'

'Really? How nice.' Elaine gave her fellow adults an understanding smile. Nate returned it, though it was a rather overwhelmed smile.

'First year on patrol?' Preston asked, coming up to stand near his wife as she finished up handing out the candy to the four youngsters.

'Yes,' Brooks said. 'We're not usually around for this time of year; our jobs pretty much keep us away for holidays. This year, though, well...' She trailed off and then smiled bittersweetly before turning to the children. 'All right, kids, time to say thank you. We've got plenty more houses to visit.'

The four children said their thank-yous and goodbyes and then ran off, Nate hurrying after them. Brooks laughed and followed her husband, niece, and nephews. Preston and Elaine watched them go and then shut the door behind them.

'They seemed like a nice couple,' Preston noted.

'Yes, they did, though maybe a bit lost,' Elaine said. 'I think something big must've happened recently.'

'Well, let's hope something good happens soon for them.'

Tags: fandom: sga, fanfic: gen, fanfic: kavanagh/original character
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