Pretzel (scarlet_gryphon) wrote in kavtolanon,

Fic: Run Silent, Run Deep, by Scarlet_Gryphon

Title: Run Silent, Run Deep
Author: scarlet_gryphon
Word Count: 322
Rating: PG
Prompt: 085: She.
Timeline: Season 1 of Atlantis
Notes: x-posted at my journal and sga_flashfic

She knows that he isn't popular.

She doesn't care.

She knows he's (mostly) bad with people, horrible with (some) authority figures, and at times (almost always) socially awkward.

She also knows that he's one of the most loving (caring) (loyal) (faithful) (brilliant) people she's ever had the chance (honor) (privilege) to know.

The mask he presents to the world is just that- a façade built to shield him (and others) from hurt.

She's seen both faces -with and without the mask (true/fake)- and knows they're as much a part of him as she is.

When they’re in the privacy (comfort) of their home (Atlantis, always Atlantis), he relaxes, letting his true self shine through, as he (only) does with people he trusts (family; by blood, marriage, or deep, deep friendship).

She relishes (savors) these rare moments with him, as their schedules don't mesh as often as they'd like.

Often (far too much), they won't see one another unless in passing (one home, one not; sightings in halls), but sometimes they're able to eat a meal together, soaking in the precious (hoarded) time that they can spend in one another's presence.

Theirs is a quiet love, but like the old saying, it runs deep (strong).

If she were to tell someone who he is, she knows most (almost all) would think her a liar or crazy.

She doesn't care.

He's hers, and she's his (a fact kept jealously close to her heart), and she often thinks that is what's been keeping them sane in these trying times, when they're far from Earth (whole galaxies) with no way home (second home, now. Atlantis reigns supreme).

So when asked what she knows best, she'll smile her secret smile and then answer with a different (false) reply, rather than the true (right) one she keeps close.

It's a (half-open) secret she's willing to die for, and she knows he'd do the same.

That’s what love is.
Tags: fandom: sga, fanfic: kavanagh/original character
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