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Hi, guys! Long time no see. I wanted to drop by with a couple of recs and a note about a meta post. *\o/*

jade_1459. The first is Will You Pay?, a Sheppard-POV fic that leads into the second, a Kav-centric sequel called Tomorrow's a Gift.

Also, over at my own journal I have written a meta post as part of my "Sunday Character Love" series, each post of which focuses on a different Stargate character. Today's character was none other than Peter Kavanagh! So come hang out and share the Kav love. :-)
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Pimping the Awesome - fic and icons

Morning, fellow Kav lovers!

I bring joyous news of cute slash fic, and bear gifts of Christmas icons *g*

See icon. The awesome casett has made somebrilliant tacky Christmas icons including a couple of Kavanagh ones (on my suggestion, oops) so go and check them out and leave some Kav love.

And the brilliant hoktauri wrote a lovely Christmassy Kavanagh-has-a-secret-admirer fic, it's lovely, very funny, and Kav is perfect. It's called Bright Red Bow, rated PG, and it's here.


Fic: "Middle Man"

Title: Middle Man
Author: hoktauri
Characters/Pairings: Zelenka/Chuck/Kavanagh
Rating: NC-17, what else?
Word Count: 2123
Summary: After their fun night on M7G-677 (The Planet with the Suicide Pact), Chuck wants another threesome. Radek, however, is picky about who he'll *share* with.
Author's Notes: Gift!fic written for the *amazing* fififolle! (Who insisted I share here, as well, as I apparently am a forgetful dunderhead.)
Author's Second Note: This is part of the Radek Zelenka, Sex God comment!fic mini-series that squidgiepdx started over on his journal. Go here for more info! (Most of which are also NC-17.)

Middle ManCollapse )

FIC: A New Start, Primeval/Stargate Atlantis

Title: A New Start

Author: Kez

Fandom: Primeval, Stargate Atlantis

Character(s): Peter Kavanagh/Tom Ryan, Nick Cutter/Connor Temple, Stephen Hart/James Lester, Hints of Rodney McKay/John Sheppard (maybe...)

Rating: FRAO

Category: Crossover, First Time, Romance

Summary: Peter Kavanagh has the chance of a new start, on a new project far away from the Stargate Program. Can he make it work?

Notes: Heavily Kavanagh centric, although set primarily within the Primeval universe. Goes AU during Primeval S2. If you've seen Primeval... Ryan didn't die, we still have Claudia. They have the ARC and Nick knows about Stephen and Helen. Also, this was started before S3 – so before Connor's anomaly closing device and ignores that - and various season 3 characters and storylines. If you haven't seen Primeval, all you really need to know is that it's a show about rips in space and time, that often disgorge a variety of prehistortic creatures (and sometimes future creatures) into 21st century England. With many thanks to fififolle for indulging my insanity during this story and for providing beta service not once, but twice!

Warning: N/A

Word Count: 10157 (Which means yes! Mini-bang lengh!)

"I'd prefer genius, insanely talented scientist, or just... brains, if you're going to give me a nickname."

FIC: Peace Offerings, SGA, Sheppard/Kavanagh, FRM

Title: Peace Offerings

Author: Kez

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis

Character(s): John Sheppard/Peter Kavanagh, Teyla Emmagan, Rodney McKay, Ronon Dex (Mentions of Evan Lorne/David Parrish and unrequited Rodney McKay/Carson Beckett)

Rating: FRM

Category: Friendship, Pre-Slash, First Time(ish)

Summary: They'd almost tortured one of their own - even if he was one of their own no one liked and that doesn't sit well with John Sheppard. But assuaging that guilt, led somewhere no one could have foreseen.

Notes: So this was mostly born because someone told me I couldn't do it. You should really never tell me I couldn't, or shouldn't do something... *g* With extra special thanks to fififolle who not only encouraged this (a lot!) insanity, but also did the beta, which not only caught all my mistakes, but made me laugh my arse off!

Warning: Mentions the canon death of a minor character.

Word Count: 7657

( John Sheppard apparently had no concept of personal space. )
Ada Lovelace

BSG: Blood and Chrome Blood and Chrome and Cotton

He's been mentioned in other casting announcements for the "young Adama" character, but this is the first one I've seen specifically about him. It also includes a character description.

I guess we need a "fandom:blood and chrome" tag now. ;-)

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Title: Friday I'll be over you
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing:one-sided Lorne/Parrish, Parrish/OMC
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Summary:The worst kind of love is the one when you want someone but you know you can’t have them.
Disclaimer: Stargate Atlantis and all its character’s and places belong to Brad Wright, Robert C. Cooper and MGM. Also, I have no intend to make any money with this. This fic is purely for fun.
A/N:This is unbeated as it is a comment_fic. It's spell-checked though, so I hope it won't be too bad.

Kavanagh isn't part of the romantic pairing but he has a major role so I thought I'd share it here, too.
Hope, it's okay :)

Read it here

*happy dance*

According to teh interwebs, Ben will appear in another episode of Hellcats on Nov 10th. Can't wait to see it (well, the bits with Ben in. I don't care about the cheer!drama). ^^
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