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Fic: "Middle Man"

Title: Middle Man
Author: hoktauri
Characters/Pairings: Zelenka/Chuck/Kavanagh
Rating: NC-17, what else?
Word Count: 2123
Summary: After their fun night on M7G-677 (The Planet with the Suicide Pact), Chuck wants another threesome. Radek, however, is picky about who he'll *share* with.
Author's Notes: Gift!fic written for the *amazing* fififolle! (Who insisted I share here, as well, as I apparently am a forgetful dunderhead.)
Author's Second Note: This is part of the Radek Zelenka, Sex God comment!fic mini-series that squidgiepdx started over on his journal. Go here for more info! (Most of which are also NC-17.)

The day Zelenka and Chuck returned from Planet Kid Kill, McKay ranted up a storm about how they should have been able to do the job in less than twenty-four hours and just why did it take twice as long? At a bit of giggling from Chuck, Radek glared at him, a "Hush, you'll give away our secret" kind of look.

McKay hadn't noticed. He was still ranting when Radek pulled Chuck into a transporter before McKay could notice or protest their rebellion.

They exited the transporter and headed for Radek's quarters, Chuck wearing a shit-eating grin the entire time.

"So who's next?"

Radek paused in his doorway. "Next?"

"Yes, who's next? It's not like we can get time off to go see Keras on a regular basis, ya know."

"Ah, yes, I see what you mean." Radek pulled Chuck into his quarters and pressed him to the wall as the door slid shut. He planted a slow kiss on his lips. "I'm not enough for you," he said as he pulled away.

"Hey, that's not true," Chuck protested.

Radek folded his arms. "Then who do you suggest? I do not share with just anyone."

Chuck smiled. "What about Major Sheppard?"

Radek sputtered. "Sheppard would not... he isn't..."

"Seriously?" Chuck rested his hands on Radek's shoulders. "I know you've been involved with him. Not that I mind... I mean, you've been involved with most of the Expedition." At Radek's downturned pout, Chuck amended that statement with, "Not that I mind that either!"

"Laska, listen to me. I don't share long-term partners with other long-term partners."

Chuck raised his eyebrows. "Oh. You mean, you and Sheppard... Really?"

"I also usually do not divest such information."

Chuck mimed sealing his lips and tossing a key over his shoulders. "Hey, I'm sure we're not the only ones in this city with needs," he said. "And I'm sure I'm not the only one who's... recently discovered a need for multiple partners at the same time..." He furrowed his brow. "Wow. Radek, how do you do this?"

Radek chuckled. "It can be time-consuming to find willing participants for such... ah, adventures."

"Well, it doesn't have to be tomorrow. Why don't you pick out the third party, that way, you won't have to 'divest' anymore information."

Radek nodded. "That, I can do. Now, clothes off, please."

Chuck complied.


Chuck stared past Radek at the other diners in the mess. Miko glanced up at him occasionally, then to Radek, before going back to her meal. Radek was engrossed in some new application McKay had installed in the tablets of all base personnel. Chuck hadn't managed to look at it yet, but he figured if it were important, Radek would talk about it soon enough.

His eyes wandered over everyone there. He thought about letting it go, but Radek had agreed, so he planned to see it through. It wasn't that Radek wasn't enough for him, but he thought it obvious that he wasn't enough for Radek. If he could be the one person on this floating city that would go for a threesome with him, he'd cement his place in Radek's mental rolodex for life.

He was making a list. Radek had already nixed all the scientists--he didn't want to share with them, either. Chuck guessed it was something to do with their naturally competitive nature. Not to mention, he'd developed a reputation among them as a serviceman, someone they could come to with their, well, 'problems', and he would help, er, deflate them.

So far, Chuck had come up with Dr. Weir, Major Lorne, Teyla, Dr. Heightmeyer, and Dr. Beckett.

"What about Heightmeyer?" Chuck said.

Radek looked up at him. He glanced at Miko and Dr. Simpson beside them, and gave Chuck that look, the one that said, "I will turn off the air ventilation in your quarters if you suggest this in front of them."

Chuck shrugged, stood, and bussed his tray. After excusing himself from the table, Radek followed him.

"Now that we are back in contact with Earth, it is harder to maintain the ease of my position," Radek said. "There is no easy excuse for them anymore. Even with our allies, they are quite reluctant to be so free in their relationships."

Chuck nodded. "So no Heightmeyer then?"

"She is a monogamous lover," Radek said. "She shares less than I."

"Okay, how about Weir?"

Radek laughed. "No, that is not happening."

"Why not?"

"Let me say this just once," Radek said, stopping them in the hallway. "It is enough for me to gain companionship for myself. For a third party, we would have to approach together. I will not do it alone."

"Okay. How does that cut Weir out of the mix?"

"Because you are just naming names, laska. These people here, they do not want to be 'third party', they want to be loved, they need to feel desired. Tell me, did you feel desired the first time I came to you?"

"Yes, I did."

"Good, and you felt desired by Keras, as well?"

Chuck nodded. "So I need to pick someone I desire?"

"You need to pick someone we can desire together."

"What do you mean by that?"

Radek chuckled. "When you figure that out, you will know who we should ask."

With that, Radek walked away, leaving Chuck to ponder his words.


Ten days later, the Daedalus was in orbit over Atlantis. The ship landed, and Colonel Caldwell allowed the crew a few days on Atlantis while Hermoid and a team of techs headed by Dr. Novak made a few repairs.

Chuck was there as everyone filtered through the city toward their temporary arrangements. He was just about to call it quits for the day and hand the reigns over to another tech when he saw a familiar face headed for him.

No, not for him. For Dr. McKay, who was standing a few meters behind him.

"You wanted to see me?" Kavanagh asked.

"No, why would I want to see you?"

"I wasn't talking to you," Kavanagh said.

McKay turned and saw Dr. Weir approaching. "I'd like a word with you, please."

"Another interrogation?" Kavanagh spat.

"No, Peter. It isn't."

At the use of his first name, Chuck saw surprise spreading over Kavanagh's face. He still glared at her though, quickly masking what little emotion he'd allowed to surface.

"Fine. Lead the way."

He followed her, and Chuck turned around in his chair, standing to allow the other technician to take the next shift.

He was waiting by the transporter when Kavanagh came peeling around the corner a few minutes later.

"Doctor," he greeted him.

"Hi," Kavanagh said. "Do I know you?"

Chuck felt like he'd been slapped in the face. They both stepped into the transporter, and a minute later, stepped out into one of the residential corridors.

"I'm a first-year expedition member," Chuck said. "Like you."

"Huh, like I used to be. Until O'Neill thought I couldn't hack it out here with the big kids."

"You could," Chuck said, trying to remember how Radek had made him feel so desired, wondering how to convey the same to Kavanagh. "Hey, listen..." he started, getting an idea. "If you're interested, I'm kicking back a few cold ones in a minute. You look like you could use some loosening up."

Kavanagh stared at him. "Um. Sure."

"Great. Well, um, my quarters are this way," Chuck hitched his thumb behind him. "See you in a few?"

"Yeah," Kavanagh said, "a few."

Chuck turned and walked away before Kavanagh could have second thoughts and reject him. He figured once Kavanagh was in there with him and Radek, that Radek would take over the seduction, or at least give him some pointers. He also wanted to clear it with Radek first. He didn't know how he felt about the man, and if it was anything close to how McKay felt about him, their potential threesome was about to turn into a boxing match.


Radek was quite enthusiastic about the plan. Chuck wondered if it had anything to do with not having to see Kavanagh anytime soon afterwords, but he didn't press the matter. Perhaps threesomes were new to him as well, in which case, anything that made it more comfortable for Radek was a plus in Chuck's playbook.

"You are brilliant, moje laska," Radek said as he opened the bottle of wine. He poured them each a glass.

"Should we wait for Peter?" Chuck asked, shoving his empty hand into his pocket.

"No, we do not want him to feel like he is center of attention. He is too used to that."

"Um, okay," Chuck said. He downed his glass of wine. "This whole thing is confusing me."

"What whole thing?"

"This... 'love-god-thing' you got going on."

Radek chuckled. "Who told you that?"

"It's not a matter of telling," Chuck said. "I know you."

There was a knock on the door, and Chuck placed his glass on his desk before walking to the door panel and swiping his hand over it. To his surprise and delight, Peter Kavanagh stood there, not in uniform but in a button-down and trousers.

"Wow, hey. You didn't have to dress up for us," Chuck said, grinning.

"Us?" Peter asked, taking on the deer-in-headlights look.

"Of course, he can dress up if he wants to," Radek said, coming alongside Chuck and smiling at Peter. "Please, do come in," he said.

As the door closed behind him, Radek poured him a glass of wine. Peter looked confused. "So... what exactly is going on here?"

"A threesome," Chuck blurted out. Radek walked over and smacked him in the back of the head.

"McKay is right, you are idiot."


And then Peter laughed, which seemed to break the tension that had accrued at the door.

"Wow. A threesome? And you guys want me?"

Radek elbowed Chuck in the ribs. Hard.

"Ow! Yes, yes, we want you!"

Peter chuckled again, and drank up his first glass of wine.

"Allow me," Chuck said, refilling it.

"Thank you," Peter said. "So," he cleared his throat. "How does this work?" As soon as he asked it, he gulped half his wine.

"I think you are relaxed enough with this," Radek said, pulling the glass away. "We want you to enjoy yourself. This is not a random drunken orgy which you will forget tomorrow."

"This is a night to remember?" Peter asked, and Radek cupped his face in both hands and brought him down to a kiss.

"Exactly," Chuck whispered in his ear. He was standing behind Peter, and goodness knows the man was stealthy. Peter hadn't even heard him move.

Chuck placed his hands on Peter's hips, moving under his shirt as he skimmed Peter's smooth belly. Radek began to work on the buttons of the shirt as Peter dipped down for another kiss, this one long and deep.

The shirt hit the floor, and Chuck bent to run his lips over Peter's shoulder blades, running his hands up Peter's chest, playing with both nipples as Radek freed Peter's hair from the ponytail.

Peter pulled Radek's shirt over his head and went back to kissing him. Chuck reached for Peter's belt as Peter did the same for Radek. As two pairs of pants fell to the floor, Chuck realized he was still fully dressed.

He quickly fixed that.

Radek ran his hands down Peter's back as Chuck gently pulled them both towards the bed. Peter turned and captured Chuck's mouth with his own. Radek grinned, opening the side drawer by the bed.

"Who shall be first?" he asked, holding up Chuck's favorite flavored lube.

Chuck looked at Peter and waggled his eyebrows.

"Wait, I've never done that before," Peter said. "Blow jobs, hand jobs, sure. A guy gets lonely. But, just."

"Butt," Chuck said. "Exactly."

Radek threw the tube of lube at Chuck's head, missing only by a couple of centimeters as Chuck barely dodged the projectile lubricant.

"It is up to you, Peter," Radek replied. "We can go as fast or as slow as you like."

"So you've both... uh."

"Yes," Radek replied succinctly, climbing into the bed behind Peter. He started trailing kisses down Peter's spine, running a hand between his ass cheeks, teasing him.

"Oh, that's..." Peter's words failed him.

Chuck chuckled. (Yes, he did.) Then he gently wrapped a hand around Peter's hardening cock.

As Peter began to relax again, Radek opened the tube and slicked up his hand, and Chuck continued kissing Peter lazily as he pumped him in a steady rhythm. Radek lifted one of Peter's legs and wrapped it around Chuck's waist, and Peter's moans turned to growls as Radek slid a finger into him.

"This is good, yes? No?"

"Yes," Peter gritted out. "Don't stop."

Chuck smiled over him at Radek. This was definitely going to be a night to remember.
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